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Welcome to SDG Europe

We make sure your most important decisions are also your best.

Founded in 1981, Strategic Decisions Group is a specialized strategic management consulting firm which helps complex global businesses improve their critical decisions and decision-making processes.

When senior teams are faced with an irrevocable commitment of resources, we help them understand the true opportunity and risk in their decisions. We don’t make your decisions for you. Rather, it is our job to make sure you are in a position to develop, evaluate and understand all the options available, and then make the best decision possible. Whether you must commit to a single, critical decision or to improving the performance of a strategically important function, we have the skills and capabilities to help your senior team achieve superior results.

You should make sure that you find opportunity in uncertainty.

Many European organizations are seeking the next source of breakthrough growth. But the opportunity for new gains comes with considerable uncertainty, and senior teams routinely make big bets ahead of the curve.

In asset- and investment-intensive industries such as life sciences, energy and utilities, oil & gas, and manufacturing, there are many large-scale, critical decisions to be made: how to optimize power asset portfolios to serve rapid industrialization, how to penetrate new markets for promising drug therapies, and how to manage high-risk technology bets in manufacturing companies.

Our expertise in corporate and strategic planning within complex organizations is one reason our firm is a preferred strategic partner to many companies in the Fortune Global 500.

SDG’s European practice and Düsseldorf office are led by Dr. Mark Seidler and counts a growing number of professionals who serve clients throughout Europe.