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SDG hat ein neues White Paper zum Thema R&D Productivity – An Issue of Bad Decision Making verfasst. Über den Link gelangen Sie zum kostenlosen Download.

The R&D productivity challenge in pharma has been intensely researched and debated for many years. Compared to two decades ago, R&D productivity has plummeted, leveling off over the last 10 years. In our new white paper, we argue that the incentive-driven aversion of decision makers and project teams toward risk and loss leaves tremendous value on the table. Highly valuable but more uncertain opportunities are not put forward for consideration by project teams nor discussed with decision makers. As a result, opportunities are lost and R&D productivity is considerably poorer than it could be.

In this white paper, we explore the reasons that have led to the decline of R&D productivity in pharma industry through a new perspective: the innovation screen and the impact of risk aversion on value generation.