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Handelsblatt article “SDG – Decision for a successful future” published on 12th February 2019 on page 3.

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SDG – Decision for a successful future

Many industries are currently undergoing change caused by the introduction of new technologies such as gene editing, 3-D printing and artificial intelligence. And although it is already clear that business models will change considerably in the future, it remains uncertain what the value chain of the future will look like. What is certain is that the winners of these developments will be the companies that are already setting the course for an innovative and successful future.

This situation can unsettle companies facing critical decisions. The Strategic Decisions Group (SDG) is an internationally renowned management consultancy that is tackling such complex problems: “We are experts in unraveling complex situations using scientifically proven decision-making methods,” says Dr. Mark Seidler, Managing Director in Dusseldorf.

SDG has years of experience in accelerating decision-making within companies: While organizations often take months or years to take action, the SDG experts usually reach consensus within weeks. Seidler: “We know how to deal with uncertainties and biased teams, experts and decision-makers, and through our experienced employees, we reinforce the innovative power that most organizations already possess.”