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Decision Quality

September 21 – 23, 2021 | Düsseldorf, Germany

The key to better decisions

Make smarter, more creative long-term decisions using appropriate frameworks, creative alternatives, and forecasting with ranges of uncertainty. Learn how to frame strategic choices, generate alternatives, develop credible forecasts, quantify uncertainty and judge the quality of a decision at the time it is made.

Decision Quality is a three-day course that introduces frameworks and tools for better decision making:

  • Decision Quality, the concept that defines what we mean by a good decision
  • The SDG Dialogue Decision Process, an efficient, collaborative approach to organizationally and analytically complex decisions
  • Decision Analysis, the quantitative tools and concepts that identify the best choice in an uncertain, complex, and dynamic business environment.

Who Should Attend Decision Quality?

Senior decision-makers, decision team leaders, and those who provide information to support strategic decision-making will find this program to be a good introduction to the benefits of this approach in their organization, how it works, and their role in the process.



Chris Roe, principal consultant, has over 25 years of management consulting   experience. He has worked extensively in consumer goods, life sciences,   manufacturing, oil & gas, communications, and utilities, advising global   companies on corporate strategy, market entry strategy, business model   development, and risk assessment and management.


Course Date
September 21 – September 23, 2021

Strategic Decisions Group

Neuer Zollhof 2,

40221 Düsseldorf, Germany

Course Fee

Discounts are available for corporate teams registering at the same time.

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Ms. Marleen Ferber
Phone: +49 (0) 211 542 3000